Alistair Mutrie: affection for POWs, toys & camp work

Alistair Mutrie describes the camp fence & disused space

Alistair Mutrie's father worked at the camp, post war

Alistair Mutrie: Mr Peachy the Patterton Camp squatter

Alistair Mutrie: supplies taken into camp by puggy

Alistair Mutrie on post-war National Service Unlisted

Alistair Mutrie talks about the area outwith the camp

Alistair Mutrie talks about Cowglen Military Hospital

Anna Webster on aeroplanes and air-raid shelters

Anna Webster's first memories of war

Anna Webster on getting her first job during WWII

Anna Webster's memories of Patterton's POWs

Anna Webster remembering rationing, sweeties and eggs

Anna Webster remembers VE Day

Norma Wilson's father was stationed at the camp

Norma Wilson - Poles in Patterton & Newton Mearns

Norma Wilson talks about POWs

Norma Wilson talks about her complicated family history

Norma Wilson's mum and gran worked in munitions

Susan McClelland - meeting POWs at the cinema

Susan McClelland & memories of handsome Italian POWS

Susan McClelland talks of her father and Patterton

Susan McClelland - planes, bombs, Americans & sweeties

Susan McClelland on rationing & sharing

Susan McClelland on school, swimming & gas masks

Susan McClelland on the day the war ended

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