Barnes Raymond Describes Freedom At The Camp

Barnes Raymond On His Mother's Attitude To The Camp

Barnes Raymond On Who Was Living In The Camp

Barnes Raymond On Working At Patterton Farm And At Blairgowrie

Barnes Raymond Talking About People Growing Their Own Vegetables

Barnes Raymond Talks About The Communal Bath At The Camp

Barnes Raymond Talks About Warmth And The Grate In Hut

Barnes Raymond. About Working At The Farm And Freedom At The Camp

Barnes Raymond. Describes The Layout Of The Camp

Barnes Raymond. On No POWs In Camp When He Moved There

Barnes Raymond. Talks About The RSD And Puggy

Barnes Raymond.describes Entrance To The Camp

Brown Andrew On German POWs Making Toys And Hooch

Brown Andrew On Wee Joe's Shop

Flower W Alan About Possible Animosity Towards The Squatters

Flower W Alan On Ending Up Inside The POW Camp

Flower W Alan On Polish At Camp

Flower W Alan On Sheltered Life During The War

Flower W Alan On Throwing Snowballs At The POWs

Flower WAlan About What He Remembers Being In The Camp When The POWs Were There

Jolliffe (Lambie) Jessie On Her Aunts

Jolliffe (Lambie) Jessie On Renting Rooms And Barrage Ballons

Manson John On Italians Working On Farms 12.44 - 12.50

Manson John On Squatters In The Camp 3.50 - 4.15

McKinnon Matthew, Italians Laughing And Joking

Barnes Raymond On The Wooden Hut He Lived In Because His Dad Was In The Military Police

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