McKinnon Matthew On Age He Walked Past Camp And Playing In The Waterfall

McKinnon Matthew On German Coming To Oban With The Church.

McKinnon Matthew Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory

McKinnon Matthew Memories Of Camp

Mckinnon Matthew On Attitudes To Germans After The War

McKinnon Matthew On Best Thing About Patterton

McKinnon Matthew On Bombs And Rationing

McKinnon Matthew On German POWs From Cowglen Coming To Church

McKinnon Matthew On Max Pawl And Fritz Careers And Home Situation

McKinnon Matthew On Meeting The Italians At The Fence

Mckinnon Matthew On Presents From POWs And How Your Enemy Becomes Your Friend.

McKinnon Matthew On Prisoners Getting A Pass To Come To His Home 9.20

McKinnon Matthew On The End Of War

McKinnon Matthew On The Germans Impending Repatriation.

McKinnon Matthew On Travelling To The Camp And Recreation Round The Camp

McKinnon Matthew, Americans, Any Gum Chum

Robertson Julie On Family Being Welcoming And Hospitable To POWs

Robertson Julie On Her Aunt

Robertson Julie Soundclip On Painting Of Her Aunt

Robertson Julie - Sounclip About Grandfathers Link To POWs

Robertson Julie - Sounclip On Name Of Her Aunt's Fiancé

Robertson Julie - Soundclip On Dates She Thinks Her Aunt Met Her Fiancé

Robertson Julie - Soundclip On Her Aunt's Engagement

Rodger Jimmy On Attitudes If Locals To Germans Who Got Moved To Perthshire

Rodger Jimmy On Being Inside The Camp When The Army Was There

Rodger Jimmy On Date Soldiers Helped With Harvest

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